Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sex+ Questionnaire!

Hey all! I did this interesting questionnaire on sexuality yesterday, written by the lovely Laci Green. She is the hostess of Sex+, a web show which airs every Thursday on YouTube that discusses sexuality, relationships and social science topics in a fun, easy and critical matter. I LOVE her and her videos; you should definitely check her out! Here is the  link to her channel if you are interested in learning more!

On her blog a few months ago, she posted a questionnaire that explores your own personal sexual history. I loved the one she did, which can be found here. So, I decided I would do it too!

Here it is!

Sex+ Questionnaire For: Erin McKelle

Age: 17
Sex: Female
Location: Ohio
Sexual Awakenings
1. How did you learn about sex? Honestly, I don’t really remember. I know I had seen sex in the 
media and things of that nature, but I think my first real introduction was from a “just for girls” 
book I’d bought at Borders. There was a chapter all about sex and I remember reading and re-
reading it. And showing it to my friends at sleepovers. LOL!
2. Were you able to talk about sex with your parents? Not really. My parents weren’t open about 
sex. My mom is much cooler now though. But I never had a formal “talk”, I just learned from 
books. The only talks I did have were my mom saying “all men are pigs who want one thing”. 
Yeah…I had fabulous sex ed….LOL!
3. Do you remember your first kiss? Actually…I haven’t had it yet!
4. Tell us about an embarrassing moment you’ve had with your sexuality/partner/etc. Oh god…. 
Let’s see….I’d have to say when I belted out “Like a Virgin” at the end of the school day. I had 
no idea what a virgin was, luckily the teacher wasn’t around but all the boys were like “Erin, sing 
it again!” Pretty crazy.
5. How old were you when you made your sexual debut? Were you ready for it? Haven’t had it 
yet! I’m still waiting in the wings lol. It will most likely be when I’m 18. I feel ready.
6. Are you in a romantic or sexual relationship? Yessir. Romantical; we actually are long 
distance. Haven’t met him yet. But I’m in love! (We’ve been together 9 months)
7. Would you prefer being in a relationship or being single? Why? Relationship all the way! 
Being single is overrated! I love feeling loved and having a partner there to talk to, confide in, 
share love, be intimate. It just feels good, it makes me feel whole.
8. Would you ever consider a polyamorous relationship? I have in the past. I don’t think it’s for 
me though. I love just sharing an intimate bond with one special person who I give my heart too. 
My heart doesn’t split in 3 or 4!
9. Have you ever cheated on a partner? Yes…kind of. I didn’t consider it cheating but he did. 
It’s the guy I’m with now. He broke up with me for a while.
10. What was your longest relationship? Your shortest? Longest- my current one which is 9 
months. Shortest- a few hours 0-0.
11. What do you look for in a partner? Someone who is sensitive, thoughtful, attentive, smart, 
that can challenge me intellectually and push my boundaries. I want someone that makes me 
laugh and touches my heart. Someone who is strong and not afraid. Who is willing to give love 
everything they have.
12. Do you have any “deal breakers”? I think if they have children. That would have to be my 
deal breaker.
13. What is your favorite way to ask for consent? “Touch me baby J
14. What is your favorite position? Well…considering I’ve never had sex not sure. But from my 
reading/media consumption/knowledge? Missionary.
15. Would you/have you had a one night stand? Sort of. Online ones.
16. What’s your favorite place to be touched by a partner? Not sure :D
17. Is there anything that you’ve wanted to try sexually but haven’t (yet)? Like. Everything.
18. Would you/have you had group sex (3+ people)? No.
19. Would you/have you practiced BDSM? Nope.
20. Would you/have you done role-play? Yes, I would try it.
21. What is your biggest turn on? Intelligence
22. Biggest turn off? Immaturity.
23. How often do you masturbate? Hmm…it varies with my cycle. Usually about 2-4 times a week.
24. What do you think is the most erotic part of your body? My breasts.
Self Love
25. What’s your favorite thing about yourself? My love of learning and knowledge, my curiosity 
that is never fulfilled!
26. What’s your biggest accomplishment in the last 3 years? Hmmm….probably all of my social 
justice work.
27. Tell us one goal you have for yourself. To graduate from college in 4 years or less
28. How do you take care of yourself? Showers, thinking/clarity time, mani/pedi’s.
Hot Topics
29. Do you support a woman’s right to choose an abortion if she accidentally gets pregnant? 
30. Do you think prostitution should be legal? I do. We need to give social support to sex 
31. If you had a baby boy, would you have his foreskin removed (circumcise him)? Never. I want 
my child to be able to make his own decisions about his body.
32. Should same-sex marriage be legal? Yes. Why isn’t it yet?
33. Should comprehensive sex education be given in high schools or abstinence only? 
Comprehensive! Abstinence only not only doesn’t work, but is wasting tax payer money. It’s a 
fail all around.
To Infinity, and Beyond
34. What do you want to be when you grow up? Not sure. An activist, writer, artist, philosopher, 
creator…..something like that.
35. Do you want to get married? I do. Most definitely.  Hopefully to my current partner.
36. Do you want to have children? Not sure. Still sort of figuring that one out. As of right now 
37. What do you want to do for others before you die? Liberate, educate, alleviate pain and 
suffering, provide support.

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