Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cause of the Week: HollaBack!

Hey guys and dolls! A new segment on my blog is going to be called "Cause of the Week" where I will feature a worthy cause/charity/non-profit that is doing awesome things in our world. If you have any suggestions of one I should feature, send me an email or comment below!

The Cause: HollaBack!
HollaBack! is a movement that is "dedicated to ending street harassment using mobile technology". People share their stories and use their voices to stop this from happening. Their goal is to change the culture that thrives on sexual harassment, shaming and negative attitudes. How many movies have you seen where a woman is insulted because guys aren't hollering at her (she feels they are not b/c she is too old, ugly, etc. Never because, you know, they are being decent human beings!). I think this example really illustrates just how woven into the culture this issue is. We as women are taught to not only expect to be harassed, but like it.

The approach they take is one of delegation. Basically, they train leaders that exist in many different cities and countries. Anyone can be a leader of a local HollaBack chapter! Each city that chooses to participate will have a group of 2-5 leaders that attend a sort of online training, to learn the basics of running an e-campaign, HollaBack and social media advocacy. After they "graduate" , they then run their own blog in connection with the main HollaBack website.

This is a great cause to get involved in and one I personally believe in ! For more information, please go to:

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