Saturday, June 23, 2012

Bi-partisan Politics

      Hey dolls! Today I wanted to talk about bipartisanship in United States politics. It seems that as of the late, our government, our media and our communication has become so narrow in focus. You are either a Democrat or a Republican. A liberal or a conservative. A capitalist or socialist. There is no middle ground, and what little we do have left is seemingly breaking under the pressure.

       We are seeing this bipolarity rearing its ugly head in almost every facet of politics. In our legislation, campaigns, political parties, news coverage....everything is classified as "left" or "right". Identifying as a moderate is now seen as taking a "soft" stand on an issue. There is this enormous pressure to assert yourself in one direction and one direction only.

             I think that this is perpetuated by our media. On Facebook I see pages and groups for fierce and die heart members of the Democrat and Republican parties but never any that seek to expand conversation and dialogue between the two, or that take a different stance altogether! Our news sources, such as the Huffington Post, TownHall, and the Drudge Report feature only articles and stories that examine current events from their ideological perspective. You never see issues being examined critically or features that have opinions from both sides.

                       It is frustrating to see what used to be a system with a broad range of ideas and perspectives be compressed into two tiny boxes of fixed ideals. I feel that without an array of opinions, we are limiting ourselves. We are shunning people who refuse to take sides and not listening to a word they say. Our country cannot make progress if we have our fingers in our ears. That's the bottom line.


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