Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Want YOU to Register to Vote

                2012 is an important year in America, as in November we will be electing our next President. There has been election buzz now for about a year and it’s still heating up. You see the ads, the speeches, the debates….but does it really matter? How much of a difference does voting make? Does your vote really count?
                The short answer is yes. Everyone’s votes really do count. The Presidential election in 2000 between Bush and Gore is a prime example. There was a large dispute over who won the election, as it came down to the electoral votes of Florida. There were some issues at the polls with the new Butterfly Ballots.  Therefore the actual winner of the election was unclear. The vote was also very, very close. There was only a .5% margin between Bush and Gore, which came down to about 2000 votes!
                Voting is also an important part in living in a democracy. Think of all those around the world who don’t have the same privileges  as we do, as well as those that came before us and  gave their lives in the pursuit of free elections. Not voting is, quite frankly, showing a lack of appreciation for the rights countless patriots have worked to give us. If nothing else, honor them.
                If you aren’t already, register to vote! This must be done at least 30 days before the election, which means you have until October 6th! You can register at many places public high schools, libraries, The Bureau of Motor Vehicles and office of your counties Board or Elections. Also, make sure you bring proper photo ID on Election Day to the polls, or you will be unable to vote! Most importantly, make sure you research all of the candidates (and not just those vying for the Presidency). Good luck!

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