Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fresh Face Friday!

Fresh Face Friday is a campaign put together by Miss Representation to talk about the media’s relationship with makeup. And more importantly, thedemand that women in our society wear it every day. When is the last time you turned on your TV, went to a movie or opened up a magazine and saw someone without a face full of products? Unless it was an article bullying celebrities who decided to go fresh faced, probably never.
This stuff really affects women. Girl’s self esteem declines by 75% after reading fashion magazines. A study done by the Journal of Consumer Research reported that women felt worse about themselves after viewing advertisements featuring beauty products. Only 2% of women think they are beautiful. 90% of women would change at least one aspect of their physical appearance.   We clearly have problems with our self-image in this country.
What’s to blame for all of this? In large, advertising. Ads are created that purposefully make women feel ashamed of themselves. These advertisements create a void by telling women that without their product, their lives will be miserable, worthless and not even worth living. They’ll never find a man, have a successful career or be able to find happiness unless they have said product. By doing this, there is then pressure created to conform to the companies standards and buy, buy, buy. After all, who wants to a wrinkled up, miserable aging individual? No one!
This is why we must fight back. Tomorrow, we can do just that. For Fresh Face Friday, all you have to do is go make-up free. That’s right; no eye shadow, foundation, concealed or even lip gloss. Then, if you wish, you can take part in the live Twitter party taking place from 12-2PM PT. Tweet @RepresentPledge and/or hash tag #FreshFace to voice your opinion or showcase your own fresh face! This is such a simple way to get involved and express your opinions on what is wrong with the media.  Can’t wait to see you all there!

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