Friday, December 28, 2012

My Top 5 iPad/iPhone Apps for Activism

Hey all! I recently got an Ipad Mini and I have been obsessed with it! I have offically lost all of my productive value!
I do think though that iPads, tablets, what have you can be amazing resources and knowledge bases to use. There are so many apps out there geared towards education, learning, gaining new skills and critical thinking. It's not all nonsense or entertainment!
Clearly, technology is the future and moving forward we will see these devices become integrated into our education. Thus, I think getting a head start in using this technology for social change/learning about social issues/justice (which is already happening in massive amounts) is integral.

So with all that being said here are my Top 5 iPad Apps for activism!

1. Simply Sharing: A Passion for Justice : This is a short, interactive app that takes you through learning about justice, what causes injustice, examples of injustice and how to fix it. A really great comprehensive guide to learning about social change and peace. I loved how it was very reliant upon YOU the consumer. You got to express your ideas, thoughts and learn interactively.

2. Cruelty- Free : This app from Leaping Bunny features lists of companies that don't use any animal testing/cruelty in the making of their products. Such a great and easy way to research this. You could take your device to the store with you and see what falls on the list as cruelty free. Time saving and very convenient!

3. NBC Politcs: Provides quick, fast updates about the current political scene. I love how it gives you nice tidits instead of 3 page articles. Sometimes you just want news and updates fast without having to read something that is long or tedious.

4. Kindle : I love reading and books are amazing tools! Knowledge acquisition is so important! You can have millions of books on the free Kindle Cloud app and read them anywhere, anytime. Its like having a kindle! And there are many, many free educational books. Another huge plus!

5. The ACLJ Social Action App: This app is really created for those who are passionate about social justice. You can sign petitions, view blogs, get news, , listen to radio programs and watch videos on all kinds of relevant current events. This app has everything in one place which is really nice.

Those are some of my favorite apps! I would love to hear about yours!

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