Sunday, August 5, 2012

Finding a Medium

Today I went shopping at Plato’s Closet, a gently used/discarded clothing from other stores shop that caters to teens and twenties. I discussed how size-ist I feel this store and most other stores are towards fat people, as well those that are very tall or short. It felt so good talking to you all about this, as I often feel I have no outlet to express my anger and frustration over these kinds of things. So, when I went shopping there today, I felt a bit anxious but also excited because I love clothing!
When I started looking around, I instantly found some cute shirts on sale (which always happens) but wanted to also get some sort of skirt or dress. I started looking around and was once again discouraged to see such a small amount of Large and Extra Large clothing. 
I decided to then just comb through some of the racks and found an AMAZING pink skirt with drapes and sequins covering it! I fell in love instantly. I looked on the tag and saw it was a medium, but decided to try it on anyways. Once I slipped it on, I saw it fit like a glove; not to big nor to small! I was thrilled! It was a MEDIUM and a bottom no less (I usually can never find a bottom that fits that is smaller than an extra large)! So, I bought it and am still thrilled! The skirt was from American Eagle so props to you all for making ACTUAL SIZES THAT FIT!!! I love how positive energy can give you positive experiences. 

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